Saturday, July 11, 2009

Moved to Wordpress

Like many other blogs, this one too moved to Wordpress. I like their lay-out and tools better than Blogger's. Now, you can read about my discoveries and adventures on SoupOfMedia. Hope to see you there!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

And Here Goes My Vote

Voting today felt like passing a language oral exam. I followed the printed signs reading Elections (Izbori) to the second floor of 2285 Mass. Avenue, Cambridge. There, anxious Bulgarians were waiting to enter the quiet room and cast their vote for their party of choice. And as they left one by one, they sighed with relief. I almost felt like asking, "How did it go?"

It went well for me. It was my first time voting in the Bulgarian parliamentary elections and I tried to absorb every scent and sound. Actually, the sounds were pretty synchronized as light-haired babies laughed and jumped on their parents' laps. Most of the voters were young moms and dads or to-be parents. They greeted one
another happily and promised to meet up for coffee or dinner soon.

The more I approached the quiet room, the more nervous I became. Then, a lady with unruly dyed blonde hair showed me the way, I took out my Bulgarian ID and received the voting bulletin.

Like at an oral exam, the room wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. There was a chair and several pens spread out on a wooden table. I looked around and cast my vote quickly. Unlike at a language oral exam, there was no 100%-right answer here.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Anna Karenina in the subway

Sitting next to me in the Boston subway today was a lady. Her activity represented the biggest turnoff for me next to seeing my name spelled wrong. She was blowing gum bubbles and reading Anna Karenina on her iPhone.

Anna Karenina must be read in print. It is probably one of the world's few books that you need to hold and whose pages you need to list impatiently. Actually, I am taking this back. All of my favorite books--Lolita, A Hero of Our Time and Me Talk Pretty One Day among others--have to be held and listed page by page. I just can't bear to see it happen any other way.

And this is coming from someone who gets all of her information online. Reading BBC news and the Onion is very fulfilling. Yet reading a book that makes you laugh or cry on an electronic device seems unsatisfactory. And unproductive. Mostly, because you can't afford to get the device wet with tears.

Photo Credit: Pensiero